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If you have a cat at home, it’s inevitable that you have cat litter problems. The behavior of a cat is quite territorial and unlike a dog, a cat owner needs to make certain compromises and sacrifices to ensure their feline is happy. Part of the compromise is solving your cat litter problems. If your cat isn’t using the litter box or your litter box always smells bad, let’s take a look at a few tips and techniques that can help solve your litter problem right away.

1.  Number Of Litter Boxes

The biggest mistake cat owners make is to invest in one or maybe two litter boxes even if they have half a dozen cats at home. The simplest way to understand how many litter boxes you need is to add one to the number of cats you have. The reason you need a separate litter box for each cat is because of the reason mentioned above – they are territorial and do not like to share.

2.  Litter Box Type

There are various litter brands available, but you may have to try your luck with a few of them before your cat picks the one he or she chooses to poop in. is known to have a high success rate with cat lovers and the advantage of using their litter box is that it is odor free. You will also need to change the litter no more than once a month. They even suggest how much litter you need based on the number of cats you have.

3. Put Them In The Right Place

While you may do everything right with your litter box, placing it in the wrong area may result in problems. You need to figure out where your cat likes to relieve himself or herself and try placing the box in that particular place. If your cat likes pooping in places that you cannot keep the litter box, you may have to get the area sprayed multiple times before your cat gives up. This may require a little persistence, but it eventually gets the job done and you will manage to get your cat to poop in the litter box. 

You also need to remember that you choose a space that is not noisy. Do not place the litter box near the television, washing machine or the dishwasher. These devices can make a lot of noise and this could interrupt your cats pooping schedule. Once they have been disturbed, they will not want to go back to that place again.

4. Do Not Camouflage The Litter Box

A lot of people try to purchase camouflaged litter boxes so that it blends with the aesthetic appeal of the house. While this may look good, it’s not going to be of any use to your cat. Your cat needs to be able to see the place they want to do their business in from a distance so that they don’t waste time searching for it. Camouflaging the litter box only makes them confused. Additionally, you may want to avoid placing the litter box in your living room because cats feel embarrassed when someone walks in while they are doing their business.


Cats are slightly more difficult to understand, but when you take your time and figure out what they need while making slight compromises and adjusting a little, your cat litter problem will be solved in no time.

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