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Having a cat as a pet can be pleasurable in various ways, however the one off-putting thing is that cat hair ends up everywhere. You will be surprised to see the various places where you will find your cat’s hair and the more you ignore the problem the worse it’s going to get. If you want your cat hair to stop being in places it isn’t supposed to then it’s important to deal with it the right way.

Cat’s Shed – That’s Normal

If you have a cat or you are planning to get one, you need to accept the fact that the process of shedding and replacing hair is normal with cats. Their hair grows up to a fixed length, dies, and then falls off so avoiding shedding all together is impossible. However, you can control how much hair your cat sheds. 

Stress, unhygienic living conditions, or even parasites such as fleas can increase shedding. Health conditions such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, or kidney disorders can also increase shedding. You also need to take a close look at the products you are using, for example, the food you are feeding your cat or the grooming and bathing products you use. Some cats are allergic to certain kinds of food and grooming products. You need to figure out what helps reduce the shedding.

Healthy Diet

The key to lowering your cat’s hair fall is feeding it a healthy diet. This includes an adequate amount of water and a balanced nourished diet. Cats that eat healthy food and drink sufficient water have a soft gorgeous coat. Cats should always be fed a high protein and low carbohydrate diet which can help with their coat. Trying out different kinds of food products or adding unnecessary ingredients to their diet could often be the reason for excessive shedding. Stick to brands that are reliable and try and avoid changing their diet very often. 

If your cat starts showing signs of allergy towards certain foods, you need to remember that it’s mostly due to the protein present in the food. In such a scenario you need to change the protein source along with the brand.

Brush Your Cat’s Hair

Cats enjoy being petted and they also like being taken care of. Brushing your cat’s hair regularly not only helps take off loose hair, but it also ensures that there is less shedding around the house. Make it a point to brush your cat’s hair daily for at least 5 minutes, so you take off all the loose hair and prevent it from falling around the house.

Give Your Cat A Bath Regularly

Sometimes skin conditions can also result in hair fall and this could create multiple complications, not just in terms of hair fall but also with the skin of your cat. Make sure you bathe your cat properly at least once a week and use good grooming products that are safe and suit your cat.

While you may have to go through a little bit of trial and error, once you figure out what works well you will no longer need to deal with excessive hair fall and the shedding will be in control.

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