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There is no denying that when your cute cat is in a playful and happy mood and brushing against your leg, it makes your heart melt. However, cats are known to be temperamental and can sometimes irk you. If you are wondering how to handle your cat problems, then let’s take a look at what may be bothering your feline and how you can handle it.

Litter Box Problems

Litter box problems are the number one issue when it comes to cat problems. Cat owners spend a lot of time and money in setting up the litter box and it is frustrating to see that after all that effort, your cat decides to litter outside the box.

It is important to first discuss this issue with your vet because sometimes cats have health issues like kidney stones or urinary tract infections which makes them avoid the box. You also need to understand that cats are territorial, so if you have more than one cat, ensure each of them has their litter box. 

You also need to remember to keep the litter box clean at all times so that your cat doesn’t have to go into a clumpy and unhygienic box. The rule of thumb is to clean the box once a day.


Cats are known to scratch around furniture, curtains, and corners of your home and this may often annoy you. One of the major reasons why cats do this is because of the stored up energy that they need to burn off. Cats also like to mark their territory and sharpen their claws.

This is an easy habit to get rid of and the most effective way to do that is to invest in a scratching post. Smear catnip on the scratching post to lure the cat towards the post. Also, remember to trim their claws regularly so that they don’t cause too much damage while scratching even if the habit continues. 

You can also get your hands on cat claw caps. These are simple caps to slip on their claws which help to prevent any damage from being caused even if the habit continues.

Cat Aggression

It’s common to see some cats getting aggressive in certain situations. This could include being surrounded by too many people, an illness, socializing with other cats, or maternal instincts. No matter what causes your kitty to have a bad temper, it is important to discuss your cat’s temper issues with your vets.

Sometimes, an illness could also cause your cat to be in a bad mood, so always ensure you eliminate that possibility. Not fixing your male cat is a major reason for aggression in male cats where they tend to become dominant. The solution is to simply neuter him. You also need to ensure that you create an environment that makes your cat feel comfortable.

If your cat is happy, they won’t be upset or agitated that often. Every problem has a solution and no matter how bad your cat issues are, remember that you will always be able to get to the root cause of it and correct it if you give it a little time and understand what is causing it.

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