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It’s no secret that you will find more dog lovers in the world as compared to cat lovers, but if you’ve ever met a cat owner they will tell you that having a cat is just as fulfilling as having a dog. Also, in many ways, cats are better because they are easier to handle. If you’re inclined towards getting a cat and you’re looking for some assurance, here are 8 of them.

Cats Help You Heal

A cat’s purr is between 25-150 Hz. This frequency is known to promote physical healing. This is also why cats tend to purr a lot more when they are injured.

They Reduce Stress & Anxiety

These furry felines create positive surroundings and open your heart to warmth and love. Having a cat at home also makes you want to feel responsible and look after another living being which helps you take your mind off the stress and anxiety you are going through.

Build Resistance Against Allergies

While a lot of people believe that cats could cause allergies and skin problems, the truth is if your kid grows up with a cat there is a 13% chance that they are less likely to suffer from allergies in comparison to people that haven’t grown up with one. Also, more exposure to cat bacteria strengthens the immunity of your baby.

They Keep Your Home Free From Roaches & Rats

Cats are great hunters. If you are scared of creepy crawlies or a sudden spider attack, your cat will hunt them down and keep your home bug-free and pest-free.

They Alleviate Your Mood

Cats are known to have an antidepressant effect on humans and spending time with them can make you feel happier about yourself thereby lowering the chances of depression.

They Are Independent

Remember the part where we said cats could be better than dogs? Here’s how. Unlike having to walk your dog at least twice a day and picking up their poop after them, cats are independent and pretty much love the indoors. They aren’t as clingy as dogs and in case you have a last-minute date or a weekend with your friends, your cat can still stay home alone as long as you leave sufficient food and water from them.

Cats also like to keep to themselves a lot so if you plan on hosting a party or having family and friends over, you won’t have to worry about your cat getting in the way or people being afraid of them (that’s a dog thing!).

Easy To Entertain

Cats can play with almost anything you give them, whether it is a sock ball or an old log of wood. They can keep themselves entertained for hours without demanding too much attention.

They Are Clean

Cats like to keep themselves clean and you will often find that they are licking themselves to take off any dirt. While you should give your cat a bath, they are not fussy about it and in fact, love spending time in the water.

Lastly, cats don’t take up too much space on your bed and they won’t disturb you while you are asleep either. So if you are looking for some good company, snuggles and loads of happy time then you should get yourself a cat.

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