Is Wet Cat Food Really the Best?

Is Wet Cat Food Really the Best?

Your cat is part of the family. Which means that you need to feed your feline the best food available. For many cat owners, the choice between wet cat food and dry cat food is a difficult one. Because most people are not all that familiar with the similarities and differences between wet and dry […]

5 Cat Care Tips and Advice

If this is your first time owning a cat, you’re going to find this article very helpful in living with your new friend.

10 Dating Tips For Cat Lovers

As a cat parent, dating could be a little difficult and awkward, especially if you are very close with your feline. If you are wondering what you need to do to explore the possibility of dating and how you should make your dates more successful then here are a few tips that can help. Introduce […]

7 Tips On How To Help Your Cat Love The Indoors

Cats are amazing pets to have. They are independent, interactive, and intelligent. Pet owners enjoy keeping their cats indoors, but oftentimes it is seen that cats tend to get bored and sad when left alone. If you want to keep your cat happy, you need to create happy surroundings for them at home so they […]

8 Reasons Why Getting A Cat Is The Best Decision Ever

It’s no secret that you will find more dog lovers in the world as compared to cat lovers, but if you’ve ever met a cat owner they will tell you that having a cat is just as fulfilling as having a dog. Also, in many ways, cats are better because they are easier to handle. […]

Is Your Cat Behavior Bothering You? Figure Out Why

There is no denying that when your cute cat is in a playful and happy mood and brushing against your leg, it makes your heart melt. However, cats are known to be temperamental and can sometimes irk you. If you are wondering how to handle your cat problems, then let’s take a look at what […]

Enrich Your Cat’s Life With The Right Nutrition

Having a cat as a pet brings a lot of joy to a person. However, many people end up with sick and malnourished cats because they couldn’t understand their nutritional requirements. If you are a cat owner or you plan on getting one soon, here is a list of ten tips to keep your cat […]

Cat Hair Everywhere? Here’s How To Deal With It

Having a cat as a pet can be pleasurable in various ways, however the one off-putting thing is that cat hair ends up everywhere. You will be surprised to see the various places where you will find your cat’s hair and the more you ignore the problem the worse it’s going to get. If you […]

Choose the Right Grooming

Whether your cat is furry, has little hair, or no hair at all, grooming your cat is essential if you want your feline to stay healthy. The biggest misconception with cat owners is they believe cats are generally clean and do not require a bath. The truth is that even if your cat hasn’t stepped […]

How to Deal with Cat Litter Problems

If you have a cat at home, it’s inevitable that you have cat litter problems. The behavior of a cat is quite territorial and unlike a dog, a cat owner needs to make certain compromises and sacrifices to ensure their feline is happy. Part of the compromise is solving your cat litter problems. If your […]