Put Your Pet Pants On!

Obsessed with your puppers or furry homie? Put their face on your pants.

The quest to find the perfect lounge pants is over. With Fur Meow, you can customize cat or dog pants to rep your furry friend while lounging around home, running errands, or working out.

Whether you’re a little too obsessed with your cat (who isn’t?) or would rather hang out with your dog than humans, we’ve got you covered.

Ready for Comfy and Customized Dog and Cat Pants?

Made by a cat lover for other pet lovers, these pants are the comfiest, most versatile pet apparel on the planet.

They’re 70% polyester. 27% cotton. 3% elastane. 100% comfy.

And we’re talking real comfy. Whether you wear them at home, the gym, or while traveling, you’ll feel cozy and relaxed. No stress, just customized pet pants.

The Customization Process

YOU get to customize your pet pants, but how exactly does it work?

Our customization process is crazy simple:

Select the size of pants you want

Select the size of pants you want

Upload a photo of your cat or dog

Upload a photo of your cat or dog

Let us handle the rest!

Yup. That’s really all it takes. Less than five minutes to order. Less than seven days to ship. Way more than seven days of coziness.

Hate slow wait times? We do too. That’s why we ship all dog and cat apparel within seven days.

Pet Pants for a Cause

It’s more than just pet pants. With each purchase, you create a positive impact for humans and pets alike.

10% of your purchase goes to supporting pet-related and non-pet related nonprofits, including Animal Friends, RedRover, and Recovery for Life.

Feel good while looking good–can you name a better combo?

From the blog

Life’s Ruff - Pet Pants Make It Better

Conquer your remote workday in your pet pants–or buy a pair for the times when you’re just chilling. The beauty of our customized pet pants is that you don’t just control the design, you decide when, how, and where you wear them. 

No matter how you customize your pants, every Fur Meow purchase includes:

  • Customizable cat and dog clothes
  • A stylish way to share the pet love everywhere you go
  • Durable, high quality apparel which will last for years to come

Dog and Cat Apparel - The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Good things come in cat-alicious packages. Customize a pair of pants for the cat lover or dog-obsessed friend in your life. Gift pet pants for birthdays, holidays, or to brighten someone’s day.

Pst…these pants make a great gift for yourself too. New promotion at work, hit a new fitness goal, or need to practice a little self care? Treat yo’ self with cat or dog themed lounge pants!